Content Marketing Strategies For Wristwatch Business

It sounds like everyone just checks the time on the phone nowadays, right?

Wrist watches have definitely outgrown their main purpose of just checking the time.

The truth is, aside from checking the time, wrist watches are classy and as you know, it’s a strong element of 21st century fashion and function.

More so, wrist watch brands are selling big time:

According to Brian Duffy, CEO of The Watches of Switzerland group:

“I am delighted to announce strong second quarter results. Our excellent sales growth—both in store and online and increasing customer conversion and average selling price is testament to our proven strategy”

Watches of Switzerland Group saw a 29% increase in global sales with content marketing. Let’s take a look at a few content marketing strategies you can try for your wrist watch brand to generate more customers and increase your revenue.

Defined Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience is arguably one of the most important parts of any content marketing strategy.

It’s difficult to create content that resonates with your audience if you don’t know them well enough. You should create a buyer persona with the personality you want in your marketing funnel. 

Follow marketing trends to find out which parts of the world has the highest interest in wrist watches and the prices in the past and current year. This should help you stay both competitive and profitable.

And of course, ultimately allow you to create more engaging content to power all your marketing touch points as 80% of customers appreciate learning about a company through custom content.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media remains a powerful tool for content marketing in this age and time. According to statistics, 76% of U.S consumers have bought a product online through a brand’s social media channel.

Even though watches are targeted at older, more established individuals, the buying power of millennials should not be discredited as they are the ones more likely to buy wrist watches as accessories.

Omega brand for example utilized the power of their dedicated community of online fans. They launched an exclusive social media campaign which sold out 2,012 watches in 4 hours and 15 minutes. 

Build an enthusiastic following on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Increase your visibility with social media, keep your audience engaged with regular content. 

You could also use social media influencers, get them to wear and flaunt your brand, according to recent statistics, there is a high likelihood that they’ll be willing to buy from an influencer they follow.

Personalize Your Content

As already established, since you know your audience a personalized content is way more profitable and will allow you to give more attention to targeting the right audience to have maximum ROI for your marketing dollars and content marketing efforts.

You should definitely consider personalizing your content for all your marketing funnels and that truly comes from know your target customers well enough. 

Your target audience for a particular kind of wrist watch can be for a specific style in the rage, you should create content to target those audience specifically for the purpose of selling that kind of watch to that audience.

Showing your audience the backstory of your wrist watch company or the effort the designer put into its creation will make them appreciate it more. 

Use Multichannel Digital Marketing

The more channels you can use to get your wrist watches out there, the better. It is very important to be present everywhere customers are because the majority of customers use are also present on multiple platforms as well.

A recent study shows that multichannel shoppers spend 3 times more than single channel consumers. This is why multi-channel marketers always reach their target ROI.

People get more confident to buy your product when they see you everywhere the reason paid ads retargeting works so well to convert internet users to customers even though they are dead annoying. 

You’ll agree with me that after seeing a wrist watch for about 10 times and see people talking about it in several social media channels you will most likely get interested and possible want to try it out. Even people who don’t have the budget at the moment will save up to buy the product.


It goes without saying that with the right content marketing strategy, your business will thrive. Wrist watches are luxury items which naturally require an effective marketing strategy to sell just like every other product.

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